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Welcome to Pawsitive Places!! We are an interactive experience designed for people who are traveling with their pets. Of course, anyone can use it. Have you just moved to a new city? Do you want to keep up on the latest Pet places in your neighborhood? Well you have come to the right place! We list Pet Friendly Lodging, Pet Stores, Restaurants, Dog Parks, Emergency Vets, RV Parks and more! Included will be information and coupons for you and your pet to travel through the Pacific NW. Just click on what state you are interested in on the top, then visit the city or county you would like. More states will be coming soon.

Fun Pet Info

Are you looking for pet information?We have links to help you move with a pet, cross state lines with a pet, adopt a pet from a local humane society or animal shelter and much more. Maybe you want to take your pet somewhere fun! Check out these pet friendly events.

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Who We Are

We are a family, just like you, who likes to take their pets with them on vacation. We wanted to know fun things we could do with our pets so we started this website. We also did not want a bunch of ads popping up as we looked at information so our only advertising will be links from per friendly places.

Interesting Fun Facts

Fun Facts for Pet Lovers


Millions of animals adopted each year from a shelter


Thousands of Homes that have dogs


Thousands of Homes that have cats


Percentage of people who travel with their pets

Rescue an Animal

There are thousands of animals in local shelters that are homeless and need someone to love them. Please consider adopting your next pet. See our Adopt-A-Pet page for links to local shelters.